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    Source:             whois.dot.tk

    IP адрес:
    Имя хоста:        to.report.a.problem.contact.abuse.at.freenom.com

    Location:           United States             United States - California - Fullerton - Staminus Communications

    Другие IP:          

    DNS сервера:
    Mail Server:
    DNS admin:


    Whois record for fox-28-weather-text-alert-bo.tk

      Domain name:

         Freedom Registry, Inc.
         2225 East Bayshore Road #290
         Palo Alto CA 94303
         United States
         Phone: +1 650-681-4172
         Fax: +1 650-681-4173

      Domain Nameservers:

      Your selected domain name is a domain name that has been
      cancelled, suspended, refused or reserved at the Dot TK Registry

      It may be available for re-registration at http://www.dot.tk

      In the interim, the rights for this domain have been automatically
      transferred to Freedom Registry, Inc.

      Please be advised that the Dot TK Registry, Freenom and
      Freedom Registry, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any content
      that was previously available at this domain name.

      Due to restrictions in Dot TK 's Privacy Statement personal information
      about the previous registrants of the domain name cannot be released
      to the general public.

      Dot TK is proud to work with numerous governmental law enforcement
      agencies to stop spam, fraud, phishing attempts, child pornography and
      other illicit content on Dot TK websites. These agencies may contact the
      Dot TK Registry directly with any enquiries they may have regarding the
      usage of this domain by previous registrants.

      Record maintained by: Dot TK Domain Registry

    Generation time: 1.06080007553
    Date:   24 Apr 14 07:13:30

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