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    Информация по домену neuros.fr:

    Source:             whois.nic.fr
    Created:           1999-10-21T12:00:00Z
    Expires:            2022-06-25T22:07:30Z

    IP адрес:
    Имя хоста:        vps-c35bad22.vps.ovh.net

    Location:           France  OVH SAS - Франция

    DNS сервера:

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    Whois record for neuros.fr

    domain:      neuros.fr
    status:      ACTIVE
    hold:        NO
    holder-c:    ES24617-FRNIC
    admin-c:     ANO00-FRNIC
    tech-c:      OVH5-FRNIC
    zone-c:      NFC1-FRNIC
    nsl-id:      NSL81973-FRNIC
    registrar:   OVH
    Expiry Date: 2022-06-25T22:07:30Z
    created:     2005-07-28T12:23:31Z
    last-update: 2020-08-20T16:54:24Z
    source:      FRNIC

    ns-list:     NSL81973-FRNIC
    nserver:     ns108.ovh.net
    nserver:     dns108.ovh.net
    source:      FRNIC

    registrar:   OVH
    type:        Isp Option 1
    address:     2 Rue Kellermann
    address:     59100 ROUBAIX
    country:     FR
    phone:       +33 8 99 70 17 61
    fax-no:      +33 3 20 20 09 58
    e-mail:      support@ovh.net
    website:     http://www.ovh.com
    anonymous:   NO
    registered:  1999-10-21T12:00:00Z
    source:      FRNIC

    nic-hdl:     ES24617-FRNIC
    type:        ORGANIZATION
    contact:     ELANZ SOLUTIONS
    address:     90, boulevard national
    address:     92257 la Garenne Colombes
    country:     FR
    phone:       +33 1 72 74 00 00
    e-mail:      noc@ordipat.fr
    registrar:   OVH
    changed:     2019-06-11T12:32:44Z nic@nic.fr
    anonymous:   NO
    obsoleted:   NO
    eligstatus:  ok
    eligsource:  REGISTRAR
    eligdate:    2019-06-11T12:32:44Z
    reachmedia:  email
    reachstatus: ok
    reachsource: REGISTRAR
    reachdate:   2019-06-11T12:32:44Z
    source:      FRNIC

    nic-hdl:     ANO00-FRNIC
    type:        PERSON
    contact:     Ano Nymous
    remarks:     -------------- WARNING --------------
    remarks:     While the registrar knows him/her,
    remarks:     this person chose to restrict access
    remarks:     to his/her personal data. So PLEASE,
    remarks:     don't send emails to Ano Nymous. This
    remarks:     address is bogus and there is no hope
    remarks:     of a reply.
    remarks:     -------------- WARNING --------------
    registrar:   OVH
    changed:     2020-08-20T16:54:21Z anonymous@anonymous
    anonymous:   YES
    obsoleted:   NO
    eligstatus:  not identified
    reachstatus: not identified
    source:      FRNIC

    nic-hdl:     OVH5-FRNIC
    type:        ROLE
    contact:     OVH NET
    address:     OVH
    address:     140, quai du Sartel
    address:     59100 Roubaix
    country:     FR
    phone:       +33 8 99 70 17 61
    e-mail:      tech@ovh.net
    trouble:     Information: http://www.ovh.fr
    trouble:     Questions:  mailto:tech@ovh.net
    trouble:     Spam: mailto:abuse@ovh.net
    admin-c:     OK217-FRNIC
    tech-c:      OK217-FRNIC
    notify:      tech@ovh.net
    registrar:   OVH
    changed:     2006-10-11T08:41:58Z tech@ovh.net
    anonymous:   NO
    obsoleted:   NO
    eligstatus:  not identified
    reachstatus: not identified
    source:      FRNIC

    Generation time: 2.1887910366058
    Date:   20 Apr 21 05:03:18

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